Protect Your Paint with Xpel Ultimate

With Xpel paint mask, your vehicle’s paint will be protected from rock chips and other road debris. The film is virtually invisible, and will protect your car’s paint for the life of the vehicle. This durable materials has been used successfully for years by the military, auto manufacturers, and NASCAR race teams in rock-chip-prone areas with incredible results. Never before has a product been invented that provides so much protection with such low visibility.

Xpel Ultimate is the only film proven to heal itself with heat. The film has a special scratch resistiant top coat that if damaged it will repair it self with the suns heat. It is avalible in up to 60″ widths for complete panels.

Paint Protection Film patterns are computer cut in-house to fit each vehicle precisely. We have access to thousands of patterns—motorcycles to RV’s—and we can have your kit ready and installed within just a few hours.

Xpel Ultimate Hood Wrap—Tesla Model S


View the gallery to see some examples of our paint protection installations:

All of our installers are fully-trained, and have been certified since 2001. Midnight installers take immense pride in every vehicle they touch and make sure our clients leave 100% satisfied! We also go far beyond the standards of many installation shops, and feel our work ethic and passion is to the highest of standards. We have installed literally thousands of paint protection kits—many for local car dealerships. We offer partial, half, full, and complete front-end or full vehicle kits. If necessary, we can create a custom pattern to fit your unique vehicle. With paint protection solutions from Midnight Window Tinting, you will no longer have to worry about rock chips or hassle with trying to install the film yourself.

Essential Kit:

Example: $399.00* (actual price quoted based on specific vehicle)
Includes: Up to 20″ on the Hood, Fenders, Door Edges, Mirrors

Deluxe Kit:

Example: $699.00* (actual price quoted based on specific vehicle)
Includes: up to 20″ on the Hood & Fenders, Headlights & Fog Lights, Bumper, Mirrors, Door Edges, Door Cups

Complete Kit:

Example: $1499.00* (actual price quoted based on specific vehicle)

Includes the Full Hood, Full fenders, Bumper, Headlights, Fog Lights, Mirrors, Door Edges and Door Cups.

*Prices listed are for example only.

Full vehicle paint protection wraps available. Send an email in order to get an estimate.

Care and prep instructions:

Before we ever start an install of paint protection, We thoroughly wash and prepare the vehicle. This includes a detailed wash and removal of pieces that could hide dirt or contaminates. We then remove logos (if needed) and closely examine the paint and areas that will be receiving the clear treatment. We do a clay bar treatment, wax and then a final clean. So, If you were wondering if you have to wash your car prior to bringing it in. We would appreciate it but it isn’t necessary.

As for care after the product has been installed. It will need to be left alone for 24 hours, No washing your vehicle for the first day. After that you may wash and wax your car as you normally do. Its a good idea to wash your car and protect the film with a sealer like plexus or a film care kit. it is not required but will maintain the film many years even after the warranty is up. The warranty from 3M is seven years and Xpel Ultimate is ten.

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