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Hüper Optik™

Hüper Optik Nano Ceramic Film – “Smart Window Film”

When only the best will do for your vehicle, look to Hüper Optik nanotechnology to deliver the utmost in performance, comfort and style.

Product Benefits

  • Highest heat rejection available (up to 85% heat reduction with 30% visible light transmission)
  • No other film on the market has more patents than Hüper Optik
  • Clearest film on the market (no haze in the sun)
  • German / USA made film
  • The only Ceramic film that is truly metal and dye free
  • Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty, “natural” finish that will not fade
  • Out performs 3M and Llumars formula One
  • We are proud to be the only Hüper Optik dealer in Western Washington (dealer area restricted)

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SunTek Carbon & CXP

SunTek’s Carbon line provides superior results for dealers looking for quality and performance.

Product Benefits

  • Proprietary construction that utilizes  Carbon technology
  • Non-reflective, “black” finish that will not fade
  • Great solar performance with advanced UV protection
  • No metal layers that can cause interference with cell phone, radio, or navigation system signals on high-end vehicles
  • Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty, that includes fading

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Xpel Window films


Our cutting-edge technology makes a great car even better

It’s the finest window film available at any price, and is guaranteed for the life of the car.

Traditional window films try to do two jobs—block heat and look cool—and usually don’t do either of them well. XPEL PRIME XR gives you all of the heat and UV protection benefits of window tint, but without the super dark look that can make it hard to see out of the car—or get you a ticket in some locations.

XPEL PRIME XR’s patented nano-ceramic particle formulation blocks 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays and more than 80 percent of its heat and infrared radiation—all without the metallic ingredients other films use that can disrupt radio, cellular and Bluetooth usage inside your car.


Our cutting-edge technology makes a great car even better

XPEL PRIMETM XR contains ceramic particles that filter out the sun’s infrared radiation — making them more effective than traditional metallized or dyed films.


Our ceramic particle technology blocks the vast majority of the sun’s heat-causing infrared radiation — keeping your interior cool and improving fuel efficiency.


XPEL PRIMETM XR provides SPF 1,000 protection that effectively blocks over 99% of harmful UV rays that can lead to numerous skin cancers, premature aging and skin cell damage.


In the past, keeping cool meant darker shades. The ceramic technology in
XPEL PRIME XR allows us to provide the highest performance without sacrificing clarity and color.


Our nano-ceramic particle technology does not interfere with radio, cellular, and Bluetooth signals like traditional metallized films.

3M™ Crystalline Automotive Films

If you are looking for the ultimate in high technology, superior clarity and performance with a premium look – Then 3M Crystalline Automotive Window Film is for you. 3M Crystalline Automotive Window Films feature a proprietary, multilayer optical film technology that combines over 200 layers in a film that is thinner than a Post-it® Note. This unique technology is the reason a clear film can reject more heat than darker films, without changing your car’s appearance.

Solar heat comes from two primary sources, the visible light you can see and the infrared light you can feel. Crystalline window films reject up to 97% of the sun’s heat producing infrared light and block up to 60% of the heat coming through your windows. These industry-leading, spectrally-selective films are designed to keep you cool, comfortable and protected.

Designed to maintain the appearance of your car, Crystalline films allow up to 90% of the light into your vehicle. Because these films are non-metallized, you can be assured of zero interference with GPS or cell phone signals.


Invisible Windshield Protection Film

Complete your Vehicle Protection System with the best protection that you will never see—the patent-pending ClearPlex® by Madico. What is it? A clear window film applied to the exterior of your windshield.

Product Benefits:

  • Protect your windshield from damage, repair and replacement.
  • Protect your family and your drivers from the risk of windshield damage.
  • Reduce the risk of damage from road hazards, rocks, and debris that will scratch your windshield.
  • Protect your car’s interior from sun damage with the invisible windshield skin that provides Ultra-Violet Ray (U/V) Protection.
  • Protect the durability of your vehicle’s windshield and the structural integrity of your automobile. ClearPlex® is part of the vehicle safety system that protects your family, your drivers and your investment from damage.
  • Reduce the operating cost of your fleet of trucks, company vehicles, delivery vehicles.
  • Reduce the lost-time and inconvenience that is caused by repairing your windshield glass or worse—having to replace your windshild.

ClearPlex® Windshield Protection Film can be easily installed on your vehicle by our growing list of dealers and installers throughout the United States, Asia, Australia, southern Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, Canada, and South America.

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